Sports backpacks: types, design, features

Sport is an integral part of life for many people. Accessory manufacturers are constantly developing sports backpacks and bags for carrying all kinds of hand-held equipment, special suits and clothing, shoes. Today, there are models on the market for tennis players, snowboarders, skateboarders, football players and many others. Attributes are complemented with useful functional elements that provide a comfortable wearing experience.

Classic sports backpacks

Models are developed taking into account the comfort of wearing sportswear, shoes, attributes. Many have compartments for clothes, with ventilated walls for shoes, and pockets for bottles. Small accessories are optimal for carrying clothes and shoes, large backpacks-bags for sports equipment. The backpacks are comfortable for constant use, the improved ones have an anatomical harness with a tight back and S-shaped straps.

Football, basketball, rugby

For carrying a football, basketball or rugby ball, accessories with external attachments in the form of a mesh pocket or elastic bands have been developed. The ball contracts and fits snugly against the front wall during the transfer. The backrest and the nearest compartment are reinforced with a dense insert, which allows to reduce the load during wearing. Due to its large volume, it can also be used for hiking or traveling.


Cycle backpacks are produced in small and medium volumes, the main purpose is to carry small things, a bicycle pump, a repair kit and water. Accessories fit snugly to the back while traveling, there is a removable or non-removable rigid base in the backrest. On the front there can be a built-in pocket for carrying a motorcycle or bicycle helmet.